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Agricultural real estate financing

Our lending professionals apply practical experience in production agriculture to help you maintain your livelihood for years to come.

What we do as an agricultural lender

Harvest Capital Company, LLC’s goal is to exceed your expectations while guiding you to successfully close a commercial agriculture real estate loan. We can finance the purchase of agricultural properties, development of farm/ranch buildings, or permanent plantings, and consolidate existing debt. But for us, it’s not just business — it’s personal. 


Headquartered 25 miles south of Portland in Canby, Oregon, our local knowledge enables us to assist with all types of farm, ranch, and agri-business real estate loans. We have offices in Fork Rock, Oregon; and Danbury, Nebraska.


Almost any real estate primarily involved in the production or processing of food or fiber is of interest to us. We understand the many variables affecting the unique needs of your operation. Our dedicated professionals combine a wealth of experience to assist you in customizing a financial structure that will help you flexibly achieve your operational goals.


Your loan options

We work with you to customize the structure of your debt to fit your operation’s diverse real estate needs.

Long-term loans

  • Variable and fixed interest rates

  • Conversion options available during the life of the loan

  • Pre-payment management options

  • Loan terms and amortizations from 15–30 years

Real estate revolving lines of credit

  • 5- and 10-year draw periods with interest-only payments

  • Loan terms of 20–30 years

  • Pre-payment management options

  • Conversion options available during the life of the loan

  • 48-hour access to funds

  • Secured by eligible agricultural real estate

Interest rates

The majority of Harvest Capital’s loan products are typically priced between 2.0% and 3.5% over the yield for the United States Treasury instrument that corresponds to the adjustment period of each particular loan product. For example, a five-year adjustable rate would be 2.0% to 3.5% over the rate for the five-year United States Treasury bill. As a result, available rates change daily.

With decades of experience in the lending business, we’ve encountered just about every possible situation that can occur during the life of a mortgage. Stretching your closing costs as far into the future as possible and making those costs more economical is all in a day’s work for us.

What you can expect when working with us

From initial contact through the actual loan closing, you will work almost exclusively with one or two loan officers. Our inquiries into your balance sheet and historical income data will be thorough but centered on creating a smooth borrowing experience for you.

During the loan process, we will evaluate and encourage building a common sense structure within the liability side of your balance sheet. We are focused on what type of structure fits your operation, what the future needs of your family or operation might be, and how we can stretch your closing dollars as far as possible.

Here’s what you can expect when working with Harvest Capital:

To start your transaction

we will need to analyze specific financial information for each individual and entity involved in your operation. See How to Apply for more details.

Next, we begin our analysis

and will be in regular contact to discuss budgets, operational needs, and uses of funds during this process. There is no cost to you for our investment analysts to review and analyze your financial information.

An application will be completed

and an appraisal will be engaged once everyone has agreed to the proposed loan terms, uses of funds, and structure. Harvest Capital uses third-party appraisers who specialize in agricultural properties. Waiting for the appraisal is typically the most time-consuming portion of the loan process.

Our team will formally consider the loan request

once the appraisal is received, and develop a commitment to lend and close the loan. A reasonable estimate for the amount of time it takes to close an agricultural real estate loan is 60 to 120 days.

"I have recommended Harvest Capital Company unqualifiedly for years, and I think the fundamental bottom line on it would be, that Harvest Capital cares about our outcome."
Peter Dinsdale

Blue Heron Farm

Marion, Polk, & Benton County, OR

Living with your loan

Each loan needs to be considered an integral, working, and changing part of your operation. We do our best to prepare for anticipated changes, but we’re also available to work with you on any concerns or unanticipated changes.


We commonly assist borrowers through years of decreased sales, partial releases, global or national disruptions, interest rate adjustments, family divisions, estate transfers, and water rights development. There is a myriad of events that can impact your operation during your loan term, and we are here to help. 


Interested in applying for a real estate loan?

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